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Overview and Format

  • Each challenge will have a booth with SOCOM representatives and technical SMEs available to expand more on the challenges and answer questions.
  • We will have three rotations (20 minutes each), to enable students to interact directly with the challenge owners before choosing the challenge they would like to address. Students should come prepared knowing which 3 challenges they would like to learn more about.

You can address any of the challenges below.


Challenge Sponsor: USASOC

  • Develop a way to deploy Air Tags from sUAS platforms onto vehicles. Consider emplacement of the Air Tags on the top of the vehicle as an initial objective then expand into underneath the vehicle.
  • Develop COTS Beacons modified from Air Tags to allow non apple devices to communicate, pass PLI data in COT format.
  • Develop a UMS early warning or deterrence system – could the solution be wearable?
  • Develop non-RF means of communicating within a squad.
  • Develop a means to automate casualty triage and status reporting.
  • Develop a system that can ingest data from distributed sensors (RF, EO, Acoustic, …) and generate usable information, sending it to the right people, and doing so in a scalable way

Challenge Sponsor: NSW

  • Dogs and other animals are early warning systems. Are there non-lethal and humane way to address this challenge - could the solution be integrated on an aerial ISR platform?
  • Design a method to transport lithium-ion batteries in a self-contained environment (i.e., submarine, aircraft).
  • Develop a route planning solution with a built-in way to determine fuel consumption rate for tactical vehicles based on terrain and range.
  • Integrate a laser range finder into the mini-aiming laser without dramatically altering the SWaP.
  • Design an aerial unmanned system capable of marking drop zones for military free fall operations.
  • Develop a software application/suite that can ingest any data (in any format and from multiple sources i.e., acoustic, RF, Electro-Optical, magnetic…) and understand the characteristics of the data and fuse it with other data to characterize the source of the emitter/target.

Challenge Sponsor: SOCOM S&T -- Biotechnology & Human Interface (BTHI)

  • Develop a means to estimate storage requirements pertaining to the amount of fresh whole blood that should be stored at each echelon of care in SOF.


  • Develop algorithms and/or hardware to enhance indoor autonomous and/or human-aided UAV flight (and/or UGV navigation), mapping, and situational awareness.
  • Design hardware and/or software to enable rural jungle/wooded autonomous and/or human-aided flight of UAV (and/or UGV navigation) and situational awareness.
  • Develop software and/or utilize sensors to allow for target of interest identification and tracking (human, radioactive material, tagged item/vehicle).
  • Construct hardware and/or software interfaces to facilitate human-machine interaction with an intelligent UAV/UGV.